Title: Once Upon A Dream
Artist: Lana Del Rey
Album: From the Motion Picture: Maleficent
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I’m okay. I’m alright. I See possibilities. is this it? The moment I realize that I’m worth something. maybe I’m not. That’s okay it was meant to be like that. Maybe. Silence. I Here the wind outside my window. Crashing out side of the house. Silence. Thoughts. it’s okay baby girl I’m here for you, no need to worry I’m here. Silence. she doesn’t know, I don’t know…. Who knows. What’s next for me is a mystery, a Secret. A secret I will only know about, keep it close to my heart, to make me happy , to support me. Silence.


You know that moment when tour relize what you’ce become? You relize what you’ve done but you don’t know why. You wonder why im like this, you wonder why me. “Thats life.” thats not good enough, i wanna know why. Pity. You feel as if your world is collapsing like sand, and your the only one there to help keep it up. You love, but you don’t get love back. Im sorry, did i do something wrong the make you run away? Please tell me, i wanna fix this even though it wasn’t my mistake because i love you too much to walk away now. What happened to me… I went from being the most happiest girl to having a world war z in my mind…. I’m fighting with myself. Whos winning? Emotions. Pity. Regret. Silence. Please help me i don’t know what to do. I don’t want attention… i just want to be fixed and unbroken. Didn’t think that could be hard to ask…. i was wrong. Silence. Well there goes my insanity. I’m not crazy. I’m not crazy. Snap; there goes me. Are you the one? The one who can save me? I can’t trust myself enough to know who i love an who i don’t. Left or right? Dammit i can’t even make the easiest desicions. I can’t breathe. I’m struggling myself. My mind and emotions are winning and i can’t pull myself together. KEEP IT TOGETHER, baby its alright i’m here, don’t cry, i’m here. Why do i look this way? I’m not pretty. That’s all i ask too be, yet i can’t, then fine. War. Boom, hi lovley how are you :). Its just me, myself, and time now. I wish you the best of luck. Now weather i surrender or fight? well, thats up to myself and time. War.

I hate when guys expect so much of us, like to be cute and not gross well to bad fuckers, kinda sad you cant deal with that when you scrach yo own nuts in public


Does anyone ever just wonder why your parents taught you never to tell lies yet they told us there was a santa claus and flying reindeer who manage to get all around the world in one night delivering presents to every single child

our parents said to never tell lies yet they made the biggest one of a lifetime yo i thought i was bein a good girl and shit while the parents where doing all of that wtf D:

"Look at me, look at you. Now look at me again, see we're nothing different. Look around take what you see. With throwing things outside our window, we don't care to keep it clean. I had a dream, beauty was only skin deep, if we all just believe. That is all we need. Nothing else can set you free..." - Together.

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» Evan Schonborg: Eminem/Shady/MMLP2


Just my thoughts ya


Safe to say Slim Shady is back.








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