THIS IS GONNA BE BAD I DONT KNOW JAPANEESE BUT I HAVE TOO D= this is gonna be a long night ohmy god
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本編とエピローグ ー 六道 恭平

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learning japaneese….nnnnnnow.


Do you ever just wonder if on the other side….




Daily dose of love quotes here

I thought of eisuke


* replays every single character i’ve ever played in my head * yup


George Pt. 1


10 caps of Kuroshitsuji- Side Story!
Scans and translation


September Character Ranking*

1. Miyabi

"Well well, this was way too easy.
Humans are weak.
Not you, you’re my only exception. “ 

2. Eisuke Ichinomiya

"You know what happens
when you don’t follow my orders!
I’ll give you one more chance.
Take down that fox! “ 

3. Chikage

"Not 5th… 3rd place…
What are you thinking?
You want something from me? “ 

4. Yamato Kougami

"Did you know that when people visit a shrine,
sometimes they disappear.
I wonder why… “ 

5. Akito Kakiuchi

"Thank you for your patronage.
I’ll do my best to stay in the rankings. “ 


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e yyy pretty pet let me whisper in your ear

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New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」character description



New Voltage game - 「偽りの君とスキャンダル」~Our Secret love song~ character description under cut:)

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sareratwins asked: Can you please write a baby daddy for the OTBS boys thank you can't wait to read it ^^

So I did the best I could with this one, I don’t know Aki enough to add him in, but If you would like me too, I’ll be glad to purchase his story and get to know him more!
Heres tha think tew tha storie

Tanoshimu! (>^-^*>)

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Baby Daddy // guys of OTBS pt.1

So I got a request to make the “Baby Daddy” series with the OTBS guys, so here it is! 

I hope you Tanoshimu! (*≧▽≦)

Minato: It’s a lovely day after the office, and you and Minato are watching your favorite show. He goes into the kitchen and you grab the Elvelope that contains the “Congratulations, you’re pregnant!” memo, than you lightly sit it on the couch next to you where Minato sits. “I hope this goes well…” You say to yourself quietly. “You hope what goes well?” Minato says carrying a piece of cake you got from the store earlier. “M-Minato!” flushed, you turn to the side, but enough where he can see your face. “What’s up with you? and whats this?” he hands you a plate of the cake, and sets his one down on the table and picks up the envelope that you layed down, “It’s for you, open it.” you lay the cake down on the table and watch silently as he opens it.”What’s this now?” he says taking out the piece of paper, and opening it. His eyes become wide and than he takes a glance at you. he sets down the piece of paper, stands up and picks you up in his arms. “Kya! what are you doing? Minato!” “Just keep quiet …” he says, gently laying you on the bed, and he goes on the side of you and lifts up your shirt, kissing your belly. “I love this…” he says, tracing faint stretch marks on your belly with his long, slender finger. “And I love you..” he than reaches up, and kisses you gently, holding his hand to your belly.

Chiaki: You and Chiaki are currently working on an article based on new moms, and of course you’re taking everything you can in on this. You’re both working late, just you and Chiaki in the building. SO you decide to lead on a little mystery of your pregnancy. “Let me ask you,” hesitantly, you continue, “If I told you I was pregnant, would you be happy?” you than look at him straight in the face. He turns to you suddenly and looks at you, with his eyes wide. “Are you serious?” he says, and you nod. A smile comes across his face, than his hands are making a way to your belly. He caresses it, “Chiaki! someone might see us …” “it’s okay, everyone knows now, and the fact you’re pregnant will draw attention but it doesn’t matter…” you see tears welling up in his eyes as he comes close to you to kiss you gently, holding your stomach as if it’s someone so precious. “I love you, I love you, I love you so much…” he presses your foreheads together and share a warm, kind and gentle hug, in the office …

Shusei: SO you and Shusei decide to go on a vacation to the beach you both went to together, not too long ago. You’re both resting on the beach, sitting in the sand, when you decide to break the news. “Shusei …” you say, taking a deep breath in, “Oh no, you’re not gonna break up with me are you?” he says with a surprise on his face, “No of course not!” he laughs, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding!” you both let out a giggle, than it goes to silence. “So what did you want to tell me?” he asks, taking your hand in his. You look straight at him, “What would you say if there was someone who is going to meet you, on _____, 24th?” he tips his head at your sentence,”This person might look like you or me, boy or girl. They want to meet you.” you slowly take his hand and rest it up against your belly. His jaw drops, than immediately forms into a smile. He hugs you tightly, not letting any of yur body go untouched. “I want to meet this person, i bet they’re going to be just as beautiful as you.” he hugs you tighter, “Shusei …” you both spend that night in each other’s arms, unknowing of the world that surrounds you.

Kaoru: You’re both at home, laying down in bed with a few cats surrounding you. Kaoru is reading a book, when you steal a quick glance. “I see you sealing glances, babe.” he says, putting down his book and petting the cat that lays next to him. “I have some news!” you say, putting your magazine down and facing him. “Huh?” his face becomes serious. “I-I’m…—” “shh.” he says, putting his hand to your belly. “Wha..?” your eyes grow wide in surprise. “The cats have been sitting on your belly and acting crazy, so I had an idea.” he than comes over to you and plants a rough kiss on your lips, almost melting you away as you close your eyes and put a hand on his hair, he than pushes you down onto the bed and gets on top of you, letting his big hand take over your belly, moving it around, he than kisses it, all of it. Than makes his way up to your lips. “This is gonna be hard, to think that I won’t be able to take this any further for about 10 months.” you giggle at his saying, and he laughs with you, kissing your forehead. “We’re having an us, a you, a me, they’re gonna have your eyes, I know it…” he puts an ear to your belly, and spent the night together, embracing each others warmth…

I don’t exactly know Kaoru well, neither with Akiyoshi… I did Kao with very little knowledge, but I’ll do more research for Aki. I hope you Tanoshimu! If you have any suggestions on how to change it, let me know, I’d be glad to hear ∩( ・ω・)∩

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